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The King of Facebook

Now you can become a King of Facebook. 
The main idea of app is to display your photo from facebook profile on all devices where the app is installed. Your goal is to occupy the King's throne. You can occupy throne if finished in one hour. For decrease of time you have two options: to bribe King's people or to play the game 'Rock-Paper-Scissors' (RPS). For every win you receive 5, 3, 1 points for raising a revolution. The revolution happens when the 'Popular Discontent' indicator (PD) is fully red. From this application, you will experience the pleasure of a little glory (becoming the king) and the rivalry in the overthrowing the King.
The King can publish your status and photo on the Facebook.

Device: iOS iPhone

Category: Entertainment

Price: Free

Version: 1.1


Download The King of Facebook from the AppStore
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